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Mr Varun Gowda

Owner & Founder of

SuKa Construction & Interiors | Spy Cool Kids

Education & Certifications:

BE- ECE, Dip. Digital Marketing, Content writing & Blogging, Dip. Hotel Management & Hospitality, Dip. in Project Management, Certified in Mobile repair & entrepreneurship from AWAKE- Govt of Karnataka, Certified Antiquarian & PI License Holder


Proud Moments:

– Emerging Entrepreneur, 2023- by BizTalks.
– Youngest Entrepreneur 2018 by Max Life.
– Tender acceptance letter by Govt of Karnataka for SAPS (Self Defense Awareness Program using Spy technology) program for woman & children across Karnataka, 2019.
– Guest Speaker at more than 50 + Schools, Colleges, Universities & Corporate Companies on woman safety using technology!.
– Volunteer for the voiceless – worked for NGOs to rescue abandoned street animals.
– Youngest Entrepreneur, by Jain Uni, 2014.
– South Zone Level Athlete- 2007 to 2012.
– Athlete at SAI sports Club- 2007 to 2009.
– Proud Organ Donor after life.

Why Spy?

I started Spy Cool Kids at the age of 17 in 2011 with a mission to make a positive impact. I have done evidence for the police, lawyers, and news channels, helping to solve crimes and support legal cases. My main focus was in women’s and children’s safety, using advanced surveillance techniques and technology. With a private investigation license, we maintained professionalism and trust. Spy Cool Kids became known as a reliable partner in fighting crime and unethical practices. I’m proud of our accomplishments and excited to keep innovating in the future.

Why start SuKa?

I carry more than 12.5+ years of work experience in Business Development & Marketing. I have been working in the real-estate & construction industry for the past 5+ years. I started this company dedicating my hardwork & right intent to be the change to the 2 special people in my life (Su & Ka)! My mom always says that “an old patients are wiser than a doctor.” I have seen & witnessed the actual pain points in each construction company and how we still find a lot of issues in the construction industry. We see third party contracting, we see false-marketing companies claiming we have everything in-house, we see companies claiming they do quality checks on every stage, & worst of all we see MAJORITY of the companies & contractors out there BREAKING THE CONTRACT. I have reached my saturation point and decided to do what is right! Truth can be bitter but it is much better than a sweet lie! I want to fix the loopholes found in the construction industry & companies that are available in the market today! I would not want to take any brand’s name-everyone claims to be the best or #1. Everyone has a USP to convince the client. But, we at SuKa simply say We are Better!. We are new in the market, charged up & passionate to build happy homes! Team of youngsters who want to give quality homes in India! We want to change the future of the construction & real estate industry and hope to get money as the reward for our efforts in this mission. If SuKa breaks the contract in any manner, we offer 100% REFUND!


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