Digital Table Clock Camera


Discover the perfect blend of functionality and covert surveillance with the Digital Table Clock Camera, available exclusively through Spy Camera Dealers in Hyderabad. This sleek and inconspicuous table clock seamlessly conceals a powerful hidden camera, making it an essential tool for discreet monitoring.


Key Features

With Remote Camera Monitoring at 1280 x 960 Pixels and HD 30FPS, this digital table clock is high-tech,  revolutionary and Multi-functional gadget comes with multiple functions including video chatting, electronic alarm clock, Photo Shooting, Voice recoding and voice recording with automatic storage. Accompanied with 2200 mAh battery, this camera can record videos endlessly for over 12 hours and voice for over 25 hours

  • On/off manually or by remote
  • Available in dynamic metallic color
  • Expandable memory for up to 32 GB with T-Flash card
  • Records endlessly for serval hours with 2200 mAh battery
  • Inbuilt with MicroSD Card of 2GB to record for one hour.


  • 5Mp Camera
  • Video Format AVI
  • Video Resolution 1280 x 960 Pixel
  • AVI Video Recording
  • Visual angle:72
  • Photo format: JPEG 1600 * 1200
  • Min Lightness: 1LUX
  • Battery Cpacity: 2200MA
  • Records at 30 Frames Per Second
  • View Angle: 1400


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Digital Table Clock Camera