Titanium Pen (Glass Break)


Discover the perfect fusion of elegance and utility with our Titanium Pen equipped with a Glass Breaker, designed to elevate your everyday carry experience. This remarkable tool not only serves as a sleek writing instrument but also doubles as a dependable glass-breaking device, offering you a sense of preparedness in unexpected situations.


Key Features:

Premium Titanium Construction:

Crafted from high-quality titanium, this pen exudes sophistication and durability. Its lightweight yet robust design ensures comfortable and long-lasting use, making it an ideal companion for both professional and outdoor settings.

Smooth Writing Performance:

The Titanium Pen features a precision-engineered writing tip that glides effortlessly across paper, providing a smooth and enjoyable writing experience. Whether you’re jotting down notes, sketching, or signing documents, this pen delivers consistent and reliable results.

Integrated Glass Breaker:

Positioned discreetly at the pen’s rear end, the glass breaker tip empowers you with an invaluable tool for emergency situations. In the event of a car accident or other emergencies where windows need to be shattered for quick escape, this feature can be a life-saver.

Refillable and Versatile:

The Titanium Pen is designed to accommodate standard ink refills, allowing you to easily replace the ink cartridge whenever necessary. This ensures that your pen remains functional and ready for use for years to come.

Secure Grip:

The pen’s ergonomic design includes textured patterns and grooves for a secure grip. This ensures optimal control and comfort during writing tasks, making the pen an extension of your hand.

Sleek Aesthetics:

Blending function with style, this pen boasts a minimalist yet striking aesthetic that complements your professional attire or outdoor gear. It’s a conversation starter and a reflection of your preparedness mindset.

Clip Attachment:

The integrated clip allows you to conveniently secure the pen to pockets, notebooks, or bags, ensuring easy access whenever you need it.


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